We suggest a list of the most important events in the Chianti area and in the vicinity of Fattoria Montignana.
Many of these have variable dates, so we advise you to consult the exact dates during your stay at the Farm.


  • Sagra della miseria a Colle Val D’Elsa
  • Festa del cocomero a Castellina in Chianti
  • Sagra della rana a Poggibonsi (Staggia Senese)
  • Festival medievale a Monteriggioni
  • Il Palio di Siena nella città di Siena
  • Sagra del Cinghiale a Montespertoli


  • Festa dell’antiquariato a Impruneta
  • Granfondo della Vernaccia a San Gimignano
  • Festa del giaggiolo a San Polo in Chianti
  • Sagra del Polliglio a Montespertoli
  • Festa della stagione bona a Panzano in Chianti


  • Festa dell’Uva a Impruneta
  • Sagra della Ficattola a Montespertoli
  • Sagra della Fettunta a Impruneta
  • Sagra del Marrone a Monteriggioni


  • Mercato di Pasquetta a Greve in Chianti
  • Sagra del Bombolone e delle Frittelle a Montespertoli
  • Sagra delle frattaglie a Strada in Chianti
  • Mercatini di Natale a San Casciano e Tavarnelle
  • Mostra dei Presepi a Castelfiorentino
  • Sagra delle frittelle a Montefioralle
  • Carnevale di San Gimignano


We also suggest some of the most enjoyable events in Chianti:
– Group of astronomy of Tavarnelle Val di Pesa and Barberino Val d’Elsa:

The “astronomic observations” open to the public are taken place in different days, usually tied to other events like “Calici di stele”. The telescopes are furnished and some pictures are shown and you can comment on them in both in English and in Italian.

– Group Trekking Tavarnelle V.P.:

The group organizes some excursions by foot. You can find the program of the excursions and information on the Town Hall’s web site

– Museum of Sacred Art of the Parish:

The museum is open to the public and with free entry, each Saturday and the Sunday from 4 pm to the 7 pm in the summer time, from 3.30 pm to 6.00 pm during winter time.
During the opening hours of the Museum it is possible to also visit the Parish of St. Pietro in Bossolo and also the part of the museum for “Punto di Tavarnelle”, and see the typical embroidery of our town

– Abbey of Passignano:

Generally, the church is open to the public, only during celebration time. It is advisable, however, to directly go to the abbey and ask for the visit.

– Saint Maria of the Carmine, Sanctuary of the Morrocco:

Generally, the church is open to the public only during celebration time, but the nuns are always well prepared for visitors. It is advisable to directly turn to the Nuns Carmelitane of the Convent (close to the Sanctuary) and to ask for a visit, driven visits can be made in English.


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